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Clan Battle Station (CBS)[edit | edit source]

1) You need to be in a clan 2) You need to have the proper permissions to build the Clan Battle Station (CBS) on the map. Those rights can be granted as additional rights where the ranks can be created and administered. 3) The rights are Install/remove Modules, De-/Activate the Deflector, Build the CBS. 4) You can find the different modules in the booty boxes. The modules will be visible in your inventory and also in the module inventory if you are close to an asteroid. 5) Every CBS needs a hull module and a deflector module + 8 other modules, like laser or rocket modules, but also damage or honor booster modules. 6) The CBS will only be destroyed if you destroy the hull of the station! And this will be pretty difficult, if you don’t destroy the defensive structures first!

Prime Time[edit | edit source]

Clan Battle Station Prime Time:

During the Clan Battle Station Prime Time the Deflector will generate 600 minutes of Deflector Shield per hour. That means it is 5 times faster than the default regeneration rate. There will also be a server-wide notification when the CBS Prime Time starts and finishes.

Modules[edit | edit source]

Hull (Only 1 can be installed)

High HP - Hull Module (HULM-1)

Deflectors (Only 1 can be installed, generates deflector minutes when not activated) "There can only be one!" - Deflector Module (DEFM-1)

Boosters (Only 1 of each can be installed on a single station) Booster % is removed when booster is uninstalled. Each booster will stack on top of existing boosters and thus be included in the existing booster UI, but their cap is completely independent.

Honor Booster - Honor Booster Module (HONM-1) EP Booster - Experience Booster Module (XPM-1) Damage Booster - Damage Booster Module (DMGM-1)

All 3 booster modules share the following:

Boost effect is clan-wide Once installed, boost is at 1% They ramp up to their full booster power over 20 hours. It will always take 20hrs to reach the maximum booster power, no matter if the max bonus is 3% or 10%. Full boost power for a level 1 booster (so not upgraded at all) is 3% Full boost power for a fully upgraded booster is 10%

With 2 additional rules:

EP and honor boosters are global and stack, whereas the damage booster's effect is constrained to the map it is installed on. EP and honor boosters have a cap of 50%

Engineering Bay (Only 1 of each can be installed on a single station)

Repair of all installed modules at the same time (always on) - Repair Module (REPM-1)

The remaining for module categories can be installed multiple times on a single station:

Lasers Banks (Can be installed multiple times on a single station)

High damage, low range, high fire-rate, low accuracy - Laser Turret Module - Low Range (LTM-LR) Mid damage, mid-range, mid fire-rate, mid accuracy - Laser Turret Module - Mid Range (LTM-MR) Low damage, high range, low fire-rate, high accuracy - Laser Turret Module - High Range (LTM-HR)

Rockets Array (Can be installed multiple times on a single station)

Mid damage, high range, low fire-rate, mid accuracy - Rocket Array Module - Mid Accuracy (RAM-MA) High damage, high range, low fire-rate, low accuracy - Rocket Array Module - Low Accuracy (RAM-LA)

CBS Building[edit | edit source]

1) If you are close to an empty asteroid, a little icon with a cog wheel will show up.

Cbs cog wheel.jpg

2) If you click the icon the building interface will pop up. It will show you the empty slots of the CBS.

Cbs cog wheel 2.jpg

3) Drag and drop the hull module and the deflector module in the A and B slots. This is mandatory for every CBS. Installing every module takes some time, which is displayed by the little grey overlay that will get smaller over time.

Cbs cog wheel 3.jpg

4) You can only install one module at a time; otherwise you will see an error message.

Cbs cog wheel 4.jpg

5) You need to install the Hull Module and Deflector Module and 8 other modules in total.

Cbs cog wheel 5.jpg

6) Assuming you have the necessary rights, after you have installed all the modules properly, the option to “build” the whole station will become active.

Cbs cog wheel 6.jpg

7) You can now choose the time it will take the CBS to complete

Cbs cog wheel 7.jpg

8) You will then be greeted by the message that you now conquered that asteroid and are setting up your Clan Battle Station.

Cbs cog wheel 8.jpg

9) After the time has expired, you can now use your CBS. The Deflector will be deactivated automatically for 30 minutes to recharge for the first time

Built cbs.jpg

Deactivating Deflector[edit | edit source]

1) On the open CBS building UI you can chose to deactivate the deflector module. It is on by default and will continuously deplete its deflector minutes if active. So it can be a good idea to sometimes turn the deflector off to replenish those minutes. If the deflector is on, the whole CBS is invincible. If the deflector is off, it regenerates deflector minutes and can be attacked. For every minute the deflector is turned off, the station generates X shield deflector minutes, which can be consumed later. Every 60 seconds, the deflector points generated from the previous 60 seconds are added to the deflector minutes.

Deactivating deflector.jpg

2) If you click “deactivate” you can chose the amount of minutes the deflector is supposed to be offline.

Deactivating deflector 2.jpg

Repairing Modules[edit | edit source]

1) If your installed modules (external or hull) got damaged during a fight, you can either wait until the modules are repaired automatically with the help of an installed repair module or you use the emergency repair option. To do this you must be a member of the clan that owns the CBS but any member of the clan can use the emergency repair. Just click on a module and confirm the emergency repair. An optical effect will also show you that the emergency repair has been started. This effect will end as soon as the emergency repair is over. You can start multiple emergency repairs right after one another, but the first emergency repair need to finish before you can start the next. That means that emergency repairs don’t stack. The emergency repair will repair 7500 hp/s for 20 seconds.

The CBS also has a passive heal, that will heal everything that is installed continuously, but extremely slowly. If you also install an engineering bay, the passive heal will be stronger.

Your non-installed modules that have taken damage can be repaired on the website. The price is dependent on the damage they sustained.

Removing/ Replacing Modules[edit | edit source]

1) If you want to change the way that your CBS is configured, you can easily swap modules.

a. If you are in the building stage, where the CBS has not been constructed, you can just remove a module after it has been installed. Just click on it and the module removal dialogue will pop up asking you if you really want to remove that module. By clicking “confirm” it will just be removed and put pack into your module inventory.

b. If you already have set up the CBS and it is active, you can swap different modules if you have the proper module replacement rights, but this will take some time (4 minutes). Just pick the module that you want to be active in the CBS from your module inventory and drag-and-drop it into the slot where the module is installed that you want to have removed. The removed modules will be put back into your module inventory.

Additional Info[edit | edit source]

What happens to a Clan Battle Station if the owning clan is dissolved?

A station must have an owning clan, else it will revert back to the free asteroid state. This means if a clan is dissolved, the station will be destroyed, thus damaging all modules, and revert back to being an asteroid.

What happens if a Module is destroyed? What if the CBS gets destroyed?

If a Module is destroyed, it will go back in the inventory on the backpage with a repair icon and the information that it has been destroyed and needs to be repaired. Same goes for the whole CBS being destroyed.

Is there a reward for destroying a module?

Players that are involved in the destruction of a module will be awarded Uridium (like when they destroy aliens). Similar to the "Crazy Robot", the amount of Uridium awarded to a player will depend on his "effort" against the module

Do I get any rewards for destroying modules or the CBS? What kind of rewards?

Yes, you will get Uridium as reward. The actual amount depends on the damage every player deals to Modules or the CBS-Hub itself. The reward for taking down a module is between 500 and 2600 Uridium, depending on the module type and upgrade level.If the Module will be repaired the damage distribution will be reset. E.g. if someone deals damage to a CBS and the attacked part of the CBS will be fully repaired but destroyed afterwards by a third party the player who dealt damage before the repair will not receive any reward.

What happens if a Module or CBS gets destroyed?

If a Module gets destroyed the owning clan of the CBS has the possibility to install a new Module to the free slot. The destroyed Module will get back into the inventory of its owner. If the whole CBS is destroyed, the Asteroid is free again and free for any clan to build up a new CBS on that Asteroid.

Whats company hierarchy?

The company hierarchy shows how clans are doing in CBS fighting. Every company has got its own tab in the game client. The first nine places will be shown and right at the bottom you will find the placement of your own clan.

What is the meaning of the shown positions in the company hierarchy?

The higher a clan will get in the company hierarchy the more prestigious will be the position of this clan.

How to get points for the company hierarchy?

You will receive 10 company points per hour after full completion of the CBS. Every hour your clan does not own a CBS you lose one company point. If the CBS not affiliated to a faction you will not get any company points.

What are station stats and how to affect those?

The station stats show accumulated levels of the displayed kind of Module. You can affect those stats if you lower or raise the amount of installed Modules and/ or if you will upgrade Modules in the Item Upgrade section of the Skylab.

What happens to installed Modules if the owner gets kicked out of a Clan or leaves a Clan?

When someone leaves the clan with modules still installed, those modules are automatically removed from the CBS and put back into the leaving player's inventory. The station doesn't explode because of this. No other modules are affected. If the Hull Module gets removed, the station will still be standing there, but with only 1 hitpoint..

What happens with the CBS if a Clan will be dissolved?

At the moment a Clan isdissolved, the asteroid will get free again and can be conquered/claimed by others.

Who will be the owner if more than one Clan will be trying to build up a CBS on one Asteroid?

The CBS will belong to that single clan which clicks the build button first. If a clan has installed all 10 needed modules, but has yet to actually click the build button, another clan can still beat them to it.

PrimeTime Server Times[edit | edit source]

Primetime Server Name

21:00 to 00:00 Brasilian

18:00 to 21:00 Czech

18:00 to 21:00 France

19:00 to 22:00 Germany

21:00 to 00:00 Global America

19:00 to 22:00 Global EU

19:00 to 22:00 Great Britain

18:00 to 21:00 Italy

23:00 to 02:00 Mexico

18:00 to 21:00 Poland

17:00 to 20:00 Russia

19:00 to 22:00 Scandinavia

21:00 to 00:00 Spain

18:00 to 21:00 Turkey

17:00 to 20:00 Ungarn

20:00 to 23:00 US East

21:00 to 00:00 US West

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