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DarkOrbit Reloaded is a 2D flash, space-combat MMO where players can explore vast & alien territories to gather valuable resources, form clans to control sectors and ultimately have giant interstellar battles and raids.

Choose your side[edit | edit source]

In the future, the Solar System is ruled by three mining mega-corporations which gather resources from the different worlds whilst driving a war one against other. Now, however, they must face an even bigger problem. An alien conglomeration let by the Sibelons, has started an invasion threatening the future of humanity.

Compete[edit | edit source]

Fight to gain fame and power over the enemy companies in the fast-paced player versus player action.

DarkOrbit Reloaded embraces Player vs Player from the beginning ensuring lots of fun with friends and foes in thrilling multiplayer space combat. Join a clan, win battles, defeat your opponents, dominate sectors, and build your own battle stations on the asteroids in order to climb the ranks within your company and become a legend in the DarkOrbit Reloaded universe.

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