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Hangar Overview[edit | edit source]

Hangar overview.png

The overview will give the basic overview of your ship, and drones. You can click on the different tabs at the top to see each item.

Ship Overview[edit | edit source]

Ship overview.png

The ship overview shows: · Current hitpoints · Maximum hitpoints · Repair vouchers · Lasers · Laser ammo · Rockets · Speed generators · Max speed · Shield generators · Damage distribution (shields/hull), and · How many drones of each type (flax/iris)

Drone Overview[edit | edit source]

Drone overview.png

The drone overview shows a brief overview of each drone in terms of: · Type and Level · Drone Damage · Drone points · Points to the next level It will only show 4 drones at a time, to see the next 4 drones you can click the link at the bottom.

Drone overview next button.png

P.E.T. Overview[edit | edit source]

Pet overview.png

The P.E.T. overview shows the basic information about the P.E.T: · Name · Fuel · Level · Experience Points · Hit points · Lasers · Max speed · Shield generators · Damage distribution

Equipment[edit | edit source]

This section is the equipment client where you can equip your ship, drones and P.E.T. here. It is also where you can choose your ship design


You can switch between the ship, drones and P.E.T. by using the tabs at the top of the page.


Design Selection[edit | edit source]

At the top right of the main section of the equipment client there is a drop down menu.


Here you can choose the design for your ship, click the arrow to access the list of designs you have available on your ship.

Design dropdown menu.png

Simply click the design you wish to have equipped and it will be on your account for you.

Equipping[edit | edit source]

Equipment 2.png

The red area just shows the current ship that you have. The blue area shows the equipment that is on your ship, drone or P.E.T. The green area is the quick inventory, which shows the items that you can equip to your ship, drone or P.E.T. The purple area is where you can sell or quick buy a selected item, or repair a drone.

The system works via drag and drop, so you can click an item then drag it to the position you wish it to be equipped. You can also drag multiple items and drop them into the appropriate area. Selected items will be grayed out. You can use the scroll bars to access other items further down the block.


When dragging it will show a small stack of items, and you can simply drop it into the inventory, or area that the equipment belongs. To access the different configurations you can use the toggle buttons at the top.


Inventory[edit | edit source]

The inventory holds all items that can be on your ship, including resources and ammo; to access it click the arrow on the left of the button.


This will bring up the full inventory on the default loading filter: “user”.

Inventory 2.png

As previously stated, this full inventory shows all of your items, you can filter the items using the drop down menu on the top right to see items of different types.

Invetory dropdown menu.png

To close this full view and go back to the equipment client with the quick inventory; you can click the close arrow.

Invetory 3.png

You can also see how many of each item you have by hover the cursor over an item, you will get a small tool tip pop up with the type and number.

Ammo popup.png

Icon States[edit | edit source]

There are three icons states in the inventory: equipped, selected and not selected.

Icon states.png

Selling Items, Quick Buy and Repair[edit | edit source]

Selling items and quick buy can be done from the quick inventory or the full inventory. This is the method for the full inventory.

Once an item has been clicked on and is selected the details of the item will be displayed at the bottom of the inventory screen.

Selling 1.png

To sell an item once it is selected you can just click the sell button on the right hand side, it displays the sale price for you above the button.

Sell 2.png

Once you click sell a pop up will appear where you can select how many you wish to sell.

Sell 3.png

You can type in the number, use the + or – buttons, or click maximum to sell them all. You can then click the sell button make the sale, or cancel to go back to the inventory.

Clicking Buy Now will divert you to the shop where you can purchase more ammo as necessary.

The repair button can be used for drones when on the drone tab in the equipment client itself. Click the drone you wish to repair to select it, a selected drone will be outlined in yellow. Then you can click repair in the bottom left corner.

Sell 4.png

A pop up will appear and inform you how the drone will be repaired (via uridium or a repair credit) and inform you that the level will drop. You can then click repair to continue, or cancel to return to the equipment client.


The Auto Purchase CPUs for laser and rocket ammo can be toggled in the inventory’; if you click these CPUs then the repair button will change to Use.


If you click this button then you will get a pop up asking which ammo type you would like the extra to work with. You must then confirm that you wish to make this selection; or cancel to go back to the inventory.

Ammo buy assistant.png

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