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Infiltration[edit | edit source]

Infiltration game is an event where there are groups of cloaked Aliens that randomly spawn on different maps. Your goal is to find, uncloak, and destroy these Commando Aliens.

Details[edit | edit source]

  • You have 10 Minutes to find and destroy the Commando Aliens before they jump away back into safety.
  • Destroying the entire Squad will give your Company a point in the ranking on which maps this happened.
  • Killing a Squads on a Battlemap won’t give you a point for the Company ranking, only the rewards for destroying those Aliens.
  • The Commando Aliens give out more Bonus than normal Aliens.
  • It is not important who kills the Commando Aliens, when the Aliens are dead before the time is over the company on which map this happened scored a point.
  • When the Aliens spawn, there will be a message broadcasted to the Company members of the maps they spawn on. If it is a Battle map all Players will receive the message.
  • When the entire Commando Alien Squad is wiped out there will be a final message displayed that confirms the victory and lets the players know that the Aliens have been defeated.