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A great Company Event to show your strength and willpower. This Invasion Gate will open up in the middle of the map, and be available to your companies only. The Goal is to see which company can kill the most NPCs, and win the Overall prize.

The gate is just like a Galaxy Gate, with a few twists. First, you will need queue up to join. Only a certain amount of players are allowed in the Gate at one time.

Where do I find the Gate Portal for my Level? Gate 1: Level 5-9 on your X-1 home map Gate 2: Level 10-14 on your X-3 home map Gate 3: Level 15-+ on your X-5 home map


Where are these Gate portals located? The Gates will be in the middle of the map, ready for you to queue up with other players.

When I am placed in this map, what should i expect? Once you jump in, there will be lots of waves to do. These waves are similar to the Galaxy Gate waves. It will start with an easy wave, and the following is a bit harder, and from there each wave will progressively get harder. This type of Gate is good practice for players wanting to attempt Galaxy Gates.

Even new NPCs are in here



Do I get all of the Experience and Honor for the NPCs I kill?[edit | edit source]

Kill rewards for the NPCs within the Gate will be shared out, but only to the people shooting it. In the Invasion Gate, it is similar to when shooting a Cubikon - the rewards for the NPC are shared based on the amount of damage each player has inflicted.

Will I only get credit for the NPCs I am shooting when they die?[edit | edit source]

No. If you have participated in shooting on an NPC in the map, and then stop shooting, (let's say to repair), you will still receive your share of the kill rewards for your participation, even if the alien dies and you are not currently shooting.

Are all the aliens 'Normal' type aliens?[edit | edit source]

There are aliens in many of the waves that are Aliens/NPCs that you see on a regular basis. There are also some that have the same features as those from the Delta Gate - for example: NPC's will have guards. The NPC you have to kill is the one with the Insta-Shield. To break the insta-shield, you must kill all the guards. The NPC will still shoot you, so watch out!

How can I get out of the Invasion Gate?[edit | edit source]

Well, the only way out of an Invasion Gate is to die. The nice thing is you will not take any drone damage for this death.

Is there a Demilitarized Zone next to the Invasion Gate portal?[edit | edit source]

No. There is no Demilitarized Zone for these portals. The X-1 map still has the Home map safety advantage as usual.

Will I take negative Honor for shooting my own company in an Invasion Gate?[edit | edit source]

Yes, the same rules apply in the Invasion Gate as to regular gameplay, when it comes to shooting your own company.