Mars Mining Operations

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Logo mmo.png

"I’m not going to blow smoke up your tucus, so I'll just get straight to the point. We at Mars Mining Operations want you for two reasons: to mine ore and to eradicate all alien scum infecting our galactic sector. Do this successfully and you’ll soon be popping rival pilots for thrills and honor!"

Morgus Petterson.png

A gruff bounty hunter with a lust for direct action, Morgus Petterson found himself climbing the corporate ladder after years of loyally murderous freelance work for MMO and less reputable organizations. Exactly why he was hired to lead MMO’s human resources department is unknown. Regardless, his lust for execution - in all meanings of the word – has greatly endeared him to upper management. Those that must report to him call him ‘The Morgue’, though not to his face. It is said that he enjoys his nickname.