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The Tech Center is a factory where you can use various materials to produce high-tech items that can be used to acquire new skills or enhance existing ones, including Tech items and drones. The Tech Center can be accessed through Skylab.

Tech items[edit | edit source]

Select an item to produce from the left hand menu in the Factory.

Click on Produce to make the item: Make sure you have all the required materials for production.

Build extra production facilities to produce multiple items simultaneously.

Use tech items in battle directly on the space map. Start now and turn your ship into the ultimate spacefighter!

Drones[edit | edit source]

Select a drone type in the Factory and build the drone instantly for Uridium.

In the pirate booty you'll sometimes find pieces of the blueprints. The advantage: You can build a drone with them without additional costs.

Tip: Each piece of the blueprints that you find reduces the price for buying it immediately.