Venus Resources Unlimited

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Logo vru.png

“We at Venus Resources Unlimited pride ourselves in our ability to push the envelope of technological advancement, while retaining our family atmosphere. Some call us a sick cult with allusions of galactic domination, but they simply misunderstand our brilliant recruitment methods. We are always looking for talented pilots to help us destroy our enemies and extend our galactic dominance.”

Vanessa Arkadium.png

Vanessa Arkadium is a lethal assassin trained in the dark arts of information extraction – any and all means will be utilized. Raised by VRU from birth, Vanessa is completely indoctrinated and will do anything company management ask of her. Although still young, there are already legends praising her exploits, which has made colleagues envious and uncomfortable in her presence. Rival company operatives refer to her as the “Fluffy Dagger”.

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